New GPG key

Following the hints found in this great post, I changed my GPG keys, trying to use the most secure algos available.

You can find my new key on keyservers, using something like this you can retrieve it:

gpg --keyserver your.preferred.keyserver --recv-key 0x42651C443CE81ADF
Key details:

pub   4096R/0x42651C443CE81ADF 2013-09-25 [expires: 2018-09-24]
Key fingerprint = 4FC3 45B7 7646 C997 2E88  F6BB 4265 1C44 3CE8 1ADF

The old key is this one:

pub   1024D/0x7492D6CA0E1F817E 2001-08-23
Key fingerprint = CF68 2F90 F61F FEEA D345  588D 7492 D6CA 0E1F 817E

I will be glad if users of the old key can resend to me or, even better, to keyservers the new one, signed (I’ve already signed the new key with the old one, of course)

Following another good hint described in the same post, I made a signed statement for the new key, you can find it here: key_transition


Many thanks